The Color Nine Group

Mission Statement:
The Color Nine Group exists to help individuals, organizations, and governments achieve their full potential by providing developmental guidance and funding solutions with passion and expertise.

Value Statement: 
The Color Nine Group (CNG) can only be successful if we are helping others achieve success.  This can only be accomplished if every member of our team’s actions are focused on accomplishing the mission statement.  There are no “we”, “them”, or “employees” at CNG.  There are only team members.  Similarly, we do not have “clients,” but partners.  Each team member understands that there are nine principles from which we develop our culture, our brand, and our business strategies. 

1) Character above all else
Relationships with team members, clients, Members of Congress, and federal agency officials rely on trust.  There is nothing more important than knowing you are working with someone you can trust.

2) Personal growth is not an option
Charlie Tremendous Jones once said, “You are the same today as you’ll be in five years except for two things: the books you read and the people you meet.”  Members of the CNG team do not expect their teammates to be the same person in five years.  As our Team faces new opportunities, we cannot use past success to overcome new challenges.

3) Be passionate and determined
Our Team only works on projects or with clients that we are passionate about.  CNG does not represent opposing interests.

4) Be awesome daily
Our clients have partnered with us because they are seeking solutions to complex problems.  We know success will not simply land in our lap.  We have to daily press towards a goal knowing that day after day we are closer to accomplishment. 

5) Mistakes are only failures if we don’t learn from them
Making a mistake isn’t fun and can be painful.  However, in some situations, despite copious amounts of data that pointed to an almost guaranteed success, we make a decision that ends in what seems a failure.  Learn from it. Some of the most valuable lessons are learned from a simple mistake. 

6) Two options are never enough
Our Team is highly educated, creative, and capable of far more together than apart.  If there are only two options for solving a problem, we have not involved enough members of the Team.  

7) Think win/win
The best solutions do not involve winners and losers.  As a team, we are responsible for using all of our capabilities to accomplish the third and most fulfilling solution – win/win.

8) Our greatest asset is the Team
It is our belief that the bigger the dream, the bigger a team must be to accomplish that dream.  Whether we are helping a hospital obtain a federal grant for life saving health research, assisting a City partner with the federal government on the construction of a new evacuation route, or working with a company to develop an effective leadership team, we know that our clients’ goals are bigger than any one team member.

9) Be intentional
Everything we do should lead towards accomplishing the CNG Mission Statement.

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