Societal Impact

This pillar works on forging powerful partnerships between governments, non-profits, and businesses to drive societal change and achieve collective missions through tailored partnership solutions.

Our Expertise

CNG combines extensive knowledge of federal processes with strategic lobbying efforts to deliver results that align with the unique needs of each client. Our team consists of seasoned experts with over a century of combined experience in government finance, environmental and energy policy, transportation infrastructure, and public health policy.

  • Direct Federal Funding: CNG has been instrumental in securing over $70 million in direct federal funding for our clients. Our comprehensive understanding of federal mechanisms enables us to navigate complex legislative and bureaucratic landscapes to access necessary funds. 
  • Legislative Achievements: Our involvement has been pivotal in legislative efforts such as the RESTORE Act, which has allocated millions of dollars for economic recovery projects across Florida. 
  • Strategic Coalition Building: We excel in forming coalitions and advocating for legislative changes that provide long-term benefits to communities, such as amendments to the Surface Transportation Bill to prioritize evacuation routes in federal funding allocations. 


CNG employs a client-centric approach, tailoring our services to meet the specific federal objectives of each client. We engage in rigorous planning and execution that includes: 

  • Identifying Federal Opportunities: We utilize cutting-edge software to track and analyze federal grant opportunities, ensuring our clients are the first to know about funding that aligns with their projects. 
  • Advocacy and Representation: Our team actively represents clients in Washington, D.C., facilitating meetings with key policymakers, drafting critical documentation, and presenting client cases at the federal level. 
  • Grant Assistance: From application writing to follow-through, we ensure that all aspects of grant acquisition are handled professionally and efficiently, increasing the likelihood of funding success. 

Key Client Successes

  • City of Sarasota: Secured $44.6 million for various infrastructure projects, including the Lido Key Shoreline Protection Project, which received significant federal appropriations. 
  • City of Delray Beach: Facilitated the acquisition of $4.5 million for a critical water treatment project, guiding the city through the entire federal funding process. 
  • Flagler Beach: Assisted in obtaining a $750,000 FEMA grant for stormwater improvement projects, enhancing the city’s resilience against natural disasters. 

"CNG’s advocacy was crucial in securing federal support that has significantly benefited our community projects."

City of Sarasota

" The expertise and follow-through provided by CNG were instrumental in navigating the complexities of federal funding processes."

City of Delray Beach

At Color Nine Group, we are committed to enhancing the ability of local governments to secure federal funding and achieve their policy goals. Our hands-on approach ensures that we are not just consultants, but partners in your success. Let us help you navigate the challenging landscape of federal lobbying to maximize your community's potential for federal support.

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